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    Charter a Bus from NYC to Washington DC

    About five hours apart, traveling from New York City to Washington DC is a popular road trip option with a ton of vacation potential. Whether you’re hitting the road for a school field trip to see the capital, to attend a tournament for a sports team, or just to enjoy a private trip with friends, a charter bus rental can make your group travel easy and enjoyable.

    Traveling via Charter Bus

    Chartering a bus from New York City to Washington DC offers you ultimate flexibility. Whether you need a large motorcoach to accommodate a class of students or sports team, or a minibus for a private party or group of friends, traveling with a charter bus rental means you and your group can take advantage of a variety of unique travel benefits and accommodations:

    A Shofur charter bus in a parking lot.

    1.   Avoid the complications of group airplane travel.

    While a flight between NYC and D.C. is only about an hour, the entire travel day will also include traveling to the airport (via rideshare, carpool or charter bus), arriving at least two hours prior for time to check in, check bags, and go through security, and then travel from the airport to your final destination (via rideshare, carpool or charter bus, once again). By the time your trip is finished, you’ll likely have spent five hours just corralling your group, waiting for your flight, and handling travel hiccups—plus the flight itself.

    With a private charter bus rental, you’ll eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with trying to travel with a group through La Guardia or John F. Kennedy airports. There will be no need to worry about flight delays or losing any group members in busy security lines. Plus, your travelers can spend the five hours it takes to get to Washington D.C. from New York City chatting, watching movies, napping, or otherwise enjoying the ride instead of navigating through stressful and busy airport traffic.

    2.   Enjoy premium amenities from start to finish.

    From the moment your charter bus picks you up in NYC to the moment you arrive in the country’s capital, you can enjoy comfortable amenities with the type of charter bus you rent. Premium features include personalized climate control, a plush, reclining seat (only two to a row!), power outlets for keeping electronics charged, on-board restrooms with a toilet, sink and mirror, and more.

    You can also take advantage of TVs and a DVD player on board your bus rental for entertainment en route. Ask your group to bring a favorite movie or two to enjoy during the ride, or let them log in to WiFi for their own personal entertainment options. You’ll also have plenty of space for your group’s personal baggage both onboard in overhead storage (perfect for backpacks and small bags) and below the bus in a luggage compartment, which can fit bigger bags and duffels, sporting equipment, and other large items.

    And if you do have concerns about being cooped up for too long while on the road, work with your reservation specialist and driver to break up the trip and add pre-planned pit stops. Plan your route to include stops at gas stations, highway rest stops, or even popular cities and tourist attractions along the way!

    3.   Turn your trip into an adventure!

    Who says you need to complete your trip from NYC to D.C. in one long haul? One of the best parts about this Northeastern road trip is its potential for sightseeing and meaningful pit stops. If you have the time to spare, stretch your half-day journey into a full day or two days to enjoy visits to other great American cities, amusement parks, Jersey Shore beaches, university campuses, national state parks and more!

    Planning Your Route

    Typically, Washington D.C. is a straight shot down I-95 S from New York City.

    On average, it takes about five hours to travel from New York City to Washington D.C., not considering the time that inner-city traffic, rush hour traffic, or unforeseen accidents may add on. This means you have plenty of time to add a detour or two to your route.

    Suggested Stops: Cities

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Approx. distance from NYC: 2.5 hours/95 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 3 hours/140 miles

    On your way from New York City to Washington DC is another great American city: Philadelphia. Philly is a great city to spend the afternoon visiting American cultural must-sees like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Congress Hall. For lunch, grab a Philly cheesesteak at a local favorite deli like John’s Roast Pork or the original location of Tony Luke’s.

    To make the most of your Philadelphia visit, plan to spend the night and continue on to D.C. in the A.M. This gives you a little more time to plan extra visits to spots like the Rocky Statue and famous “Rocky steps” or the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and grab a group dinner downtown. Philadelphia is just “down the road” from NYC along I-95 S, so you won’t lose or add much travel time just hopping on and off the highway.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania landmark

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Approx. distance from NYC: 2.5 hours/130 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 4 hours/200 miles

    While slightly off the beaten path, making a stop in Atlantic City is worth it for a group that gets excited about boardwalks, casinos and beaches. Just keep in mind that choosing to stop at Atlantic City will add approximately 30 to 45 minutes to your overall travel time, and you’ll likely get there from NYC via the Garden State Pkwy before continuing on via I-95 S or US-301 S.

    You can easily spend an afternoon here strolling the historic and fun-filled, four-mile long Boardwalk, exploring some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, riding rides at Steel Pier, or spending some time at the nearby Atlantic City Beach. If you have some time to kill, spend the night at a casino hotel like Ocean Casino Resort before continuing on to D.C.

    Atlantic City New Jersey boardwalk at night

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Approx. distance from NYC: 4 hours/200 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 1.25 hours/40 miles

    Just a stone’s throw from your final destination is Baltimore, a coastal city where you can find rich American history, delicious seafood, and unique local markets and hubs. With I-95 S running right by it, a stop here can be as quick as a pit-stop—but we recommend staying long enough to soak in some local culture.

    If you plan to stop in Baltimore, make it a point to visit the National Aquarium, the historic ships at the Inner Harbor, or the Maryland Science Center for a dose of local history and culture. For a group that wants to stretch their legs and soak up some sea air before arriving in D.C., plan to go to the iconic Lexington Market or Fell’s Point waterfront neighborhood. At Fell’s Point, your group can walk the cobblestoned Main Street and enjoy unique attractions like The Baltimore Tattoo Museum, or The Horse You Came In On Saloon, said to be a favorite bar of American poet Edgar Allen Poe.

    Baltimore Harbor in Maryland

    Suggested Stops: Destinations

    Cape May Beaches

    Approx. distance from NYC: 2.5 hours/160 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 4 hours/200 miles

    What’s a road trip from New York City to Washington D.C. without a stop at the popular New Jersey shoreline? With 44 Jersey Shore beaches to choose from, we suggest the beaches in Cape May—a 2.5 mile stretch of white sand dotted with places to swim, fish and kayak, play beach volleyball, or try surfing. Plan to stop at Cape May if you and your group are interested in turning your road trip into a beach day (with a long nap or cozy movie time for the rest of the way to D.C.)

    Cape May is a straight shot down the Garden State Parkway from New York City, but a little off the beaten path on your way to Washington D.C. To continue on your trip, you’ll likely travel via US-301 S, and add about an hour or an hour-and-a-half to your travel time on the road.

    Cape May New Jersey beach

    Six Flags America

    Approx. distance from NYC: 4 hours/220 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 40 mins/20 miles

    After a good four-or-more hours on the road, your group will be ready to stretch their legs and get their hearts pumping by spending the rest of the day at Six Flags America in Bowie, Maryland! This amusement park just outside of D.C. is a fun, family-friendly pit stop where you can enjoy thrill rides like the FIREBIRD, Maryland’s only floorless roller coaster. The best part about making Six Flags America a stop on your route? Once you’ve finished your time at the park, getting to your overnight accommodations in D.C. will be a mere 40 minutes to an hour of travel time.

    Two girls screaming on a rollercoaster ride

    Susquehanna State Park

    Approx. distance from NYC: 2.75 hours/160 miles

    Approx. distance from D.C.: 1.35 hours/80 miles

    A little past midway between Philadelphia and Baltimore is Susquehanna State Park, the perfect pit-stop for a group ready to get some fresh air and meet their step count. This National State Park in Maryland contains over 15 miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as campgrounds with traditional campsites and cabins, river fishing, and historic attractions. Make the most of your stop here by planning to visit the Rock Run Historic Area and it’s working gristmill, the Carter-Archer Mansion, and the Jersey Toll House.

    If you choose to stay overnight for a camping trip, or just want to enjoy a long afternoon biking and fishing, remember that you have enough room to fit mountain bikes, tents and camping equipment, and fishing poles in the overhead or undercarriage luggage compartments of your bus rental.

    Stone iron ore furnace in Susquehanna State Park

    Rent a Charter Bus From New York City to Washington D.C. Today

    Whenever you’re ready to hit the road from NYC to D.C., give Shofur a call at 1-800-436-8719 to speak with a reservation specialist and receive a no-obligation quote for your group trip. We’re available anytime, 24/7, to hear about your trip details and work with you to plan the best type of bus and trip route for you and your group.

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