Why Rent a Bus in The Bronx?

Getting around the Bronx (or anywhere in New York City, for that matter) can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t a frequent visitor. And, if you’re traveling with a large group or with kids, keeping up with everyone can be difficult if you aren’t in one vehicle. But, there are still a few group transportation options to choose from while you’re in the Bronx. Check them out before deciding what might be best for your group:

  • The Subway: The New York City Subway system has 70 stations in The Bronx, so it should be pretty easy to find a stop near your destination. Most subway rides cost $2.75, but price can vary slightly based on a few factors. If you’re in town for more than a week, you might want to consider buying a 7-day pass. The subway is a relatively accessible form of local transportation, and it’s part of the whole “New York City” experience every visitor should go through once. But if you’re traveling with a large group, staying together on the subway can be difficult. 
  • MTA Bus: New York’s MTA Bus system runs through the Bronx as well, operating multiple bus lines for about $2.75 per ride. If you purchase a MetroCard for the Subway, you’ll be able to use that to pay for a quick bus ride too.
  • Taxis and Rideshares: Taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are available on-demand in the Bronx. Unlike the subway or the bus, these can be called right when you need them, and you probably won’t have to wait too long for one to arrive. But most cars can only hold about six passengers at a time, so if you’re with a large group, it can be hard to get around in one piece.
  • Bronx Bus Rental from Shofur: Shofur can provide charter bus and minibus rentals to any group traveling through the Bronx! Choose a compact minibus for small groups or a custom fleet of full-sized motorcoaches for groups that exceed the capacity of one bus. And when it comes to price, we’ll never spring any surprises on you—you’ll know exactly how much your bus rental will cost when you get your free quote. Call today at 1-800-436-8719 to learn more!

a view of the bronx skyline on a clear day

Transport Wedding Guests Seamlessly through The Bronx

Hosting a wedding in The Bronx? Guests might have a hard time getting around if your venue and hotel are at separate venues, and no one wants to be late because they hopped on the wrong train or got turned around on their way to the subway. Shofur can help you streamline all of your wedding-related transportation, from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception! Book a minibus shuttle that will help guests travel through the Bronx with ease and guarantee a safe ride to everyone, no matter how wild the party gets.


Host Conventions in The Bronx

event attendees walk to an event through large glass doors

No matter what type of convention you’re planning, whether it’s for a corporate event or for entertainment, Shofur can help you shuttle your attendees around the Bronx without missing a beat. ADA-accessible charter buses can ensure that no one misses out, and your shuttle (or custom fleet of shuttles) can run on a custom route to hotels, your convention, and any other local hotspots that might be hosting special events.


The New York Expo Center

Address: 1110 Oak Point Ave, The Bronx, NY 10474

Phone: (347) 927-7993

Charter bus tip: Your charter bus driver can chauffeur every guest to and from the center, but be sure to coordinate with the center in advance to determine the best pickup and drop-off zones for your shuttle bus.


SoBro Social

Address: 221 Bruckner Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10454

Phone: (212) 920-9160


Pier 132

Address: 789 E 132nd St, The Bronx, NY 10454

Phone: (718) 743-7132


Easy Sports Team Travel

Organizing rides for your little league, school, or intramural team? Let Shofur help you put together a custom fleet that will easily transport your players, coaches, staff members, and chaperones. We’ll make sure you have plenty of seats for everyone as well as plenty of storage space for equipment, luggage, and carry-ons—between spacious luggage bays and overhead compartments, no loose bags will be left to take up precious legroom.


Tour the Bronx's Top Colleges & Universities

students go on a college tour of an old campus

Like other major boroughs in New York City, the Bronx is a hub for institutions of higher learning. Some of the most prominent schools include Fordham University, CUNY's Lehman College, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the College of Mount Saint Vincent. You can check out the diverse campuses of the highest-ranking New York schools during your trip, and it's an excellent way to get high school students thinking about universities they may be interested in attending after graduation. Tour all the top schools in the Big Apple with a professional ride from Shofur.

Keep students connected between campuses with a private tour bus. After your college tour, your bus can help move all guests to your meeting space—no one will need to drive themselves or worry about getting lost. For comfort and entertainment, your students can choose from modern amenities such as WiFi, restrooms, TV monitors, DVD players, luggage bays, and more. Our team will ensure that everyone in your group arrives safely and on schedule to every campus tour.


Fordham University-Rose Hill Campus

Address: 441 E. Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458

Phone: (718) 817-1000


Lehman College

Address: 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx, NY 10468

Phone: (718) 960-8000


Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Address: 1300 Morris Park Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: (718) 430-2000


Bronx Field Trips with Shofur

Whether it’s a big trip to the Bronx Zoo or a special excursion to your favorite hidden field trip spot, Shofur is happy to help you transport your students on your next field trip. Play an educational movie with your bus’s TVs and DVD players, or simply sit back and relax with reclining seats while a professional driver safely transports you around The Bronx. On your bus rental, you’ll have plenty of seats for every student, teacher, and parent chaperone, plus extra overhead storage space so no backpacks end up scattered across the aisles.


Bronx Zoo

Address: 2300 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10460

Phone: (718) 220-5100

Charter bus tip: Large commercial vehicles are instructed to park in the Crotona Parking Lot, off of Southern Boulevard.


Bronx River Alliance

Address: 1 Bronx River Pkwy, The Bronx, NY 10462

Phone: (718) 430-4665


Our Favorite Group-Friendly Destinations in The Bronx

Not sure what you want to see while you’re in the Bronx? Here are a few of our favorites, and they’re guaranteed to have plenty of space to accommodate your whole group:


Universal Hip Hop Museum

Located in the birthplace of hip-hop, the Universal Hip Hop Museum aims to preserve and promote understanding of this revolutionary genre of music. If you stop by, be sure to check out the {R}Evolution of Hip Hop exhibit for an immersive journey through the art, music, dance, and fashion that evolved into the hip-hop genre we know today.

Address: 610 Exterior Street, The Bronx, NY 10451

Phone: (347) 454-2793

the exterior of a main building at the new york botanical garden

New York Botanical Garden

Since 1891, the New York Botanical Garden has drawn visitors with beautiful plant displays and educational events. Today, the garden cares for over one million living plants and houses the world’s largest collection of botany-related texts. Take an organized tour of the grounds, book a live workshop for your students, or simply wander through the collections at your own pace. All group visits can be booked in advance (sometimes with special rates!) via the garden’s main website.

Address: 2900 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10458

Phone: (718) 817-8700

Charter bus tip: If you’re hosting an event at the NYBG, your bus can drop off and pick up group members via the Mosholu Entrance at 2950 Southern Boulevard. We recommend coordinating parking arrangements directly with the botanical garden.


Yankee Stadium

Since 1901, the Yankees have built a reputation for being one of the most successful professional sports teams in the United States. So even if you aren’t personally a fan of the Yankees, odds are you’ll want to experience a game or a behind-the-scenes tour of this famous stadium. Pregame tours are available to fill out your gameday experience, while classic tours can be booked for any day, even in the off-season. If your group is planning to watch a game from the stands or from an individual suite, let Shofur be your designated driver to and from the stadium so no one has to worry about driving!

Address: 1 E 161 St, The Bronx, NY 10451

Phone: (212) 926-5337

Charter bus tip: Parking for your bus can be arranged via City Parking, who controls the lots near Yankee Stadium. You can find parking via their website or call (646) 584-0409.


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