Group Transportation Services from Shofur

No matter where you’re going and who’s coming with, Shofur can set your group up with a rental tailored to your needs—whether that’s an efficient shuttle for your employees, reliable transit for your wedding day, or ongoing sports travel for your team’s entire season! Call 1-800-436-8719 for a personalized, free quote, and rest assured we can handle nearly any kind of event or trip you can think up.

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Employee & Corporate Shuttle Services

Getting employees to and from work? Shofur has you covered. Set up a custom shuttle service that follows a route that works for you, whether it’s around your town or into the suburbs. We’ll help you pick the perfect bus size for a reliable and comfortable company shuttle service! 

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School Trip Charter Bus Rentals

On your next long field trip, you and your students can enjoy WiFi, onboard televisions with DVD players, and reclining seats for a comfortable and relaxing trip to your destination. We’ll also pair you with a professional driver so everyone can feel safe throughout your trip. 

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College & University Campus Bus Rentals

Organize a punctual shuttle service for your college campus with a shuttle bus from Shofur. We’ll pair you with multiple bus sizes and help you keep your fleet organized so your students, faculty, and staff members can move around campus with absolute ease. 

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Sports Team Bus Rentals

Whether it’s for a big game or a team-building event, Shofur has all the buses you need to get your players where they need to go. Book a fleet of full-sized charter buses with plenty of storage space to keep luggage and equipment tucked away while your team enjoys a comfortable ride. 

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Charter Buses for Family Vacations & Reunions

Let Shofur help you organize group transportation to family reunions, vacations, day trips, and more. Instead of splitting up in separate cars, keep everyone together while a professional driver does the navigating. .

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Government & Military Bus Rentals

Shofur provides discreet, organized transportation to government and military organizations. Call today to secure a charter bus rental operated by an experienced driver and bus company, for safe and comfortable staff transportation.

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Church & Religious Bus Rentals

Get your group to weekend retreats, conventions, and neighboring churches, or set up a shuttle service to pick up church members throughout your town. No matter your needs. Shofur will make sure that everyone can participate in all weekly services and special events at your place of worship. 

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Wedding Transportation & Shuttle Services

From the hotel to the ceremony to the reception and back again, moving guests on your wedding day can be tough. Book a reliable shuttle bus with Shofur so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about! A professional driver will be your DD while everyone relaxes and enjoys the celebration. 

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