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    Charter a Bus from Atlanta to Miami

    A 660-mile road trip from Atlanta to Miami doesn’t have to be filled with endless “Are we there yet?” questions and onboard snoozes. Depending on what route you take, your trip can be filled with beautiful historic architecture, sandy beaches, and even a stop at the Theme Park Capital of the World! If you drive straight from Atlanta to Miami, the trip will take about 10 hours, but that doesn’t account for pit stops and additional adventures, which we’re about to discuss below.

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    Depending on how detailed you want your road trip to be, you can cover this route in one day or in multiple weeks. Travelers’ favorite stops include Savannah, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orlando, and even a detour over to Charleston early in the trip. We’ll cover each of these high points below, with a few extra charter bus travel tips for each!

    Know Before You Go

    Your bus: When you book with Shofur, you have a few bus options to choose from. Large groups can road trip in comfort with a full-size charter bus, which can come with an onboard restroom as well as reclining seats and air conditioning for the southern heat. Traveling with a smaller group? Try an 18-passenger minibus, which will have plenty of comfortable seats plus overhead racks for luggage and carry-ons. Check out our Bus Rental Guide to learn more about charter bus models and amenities! When you’re ready to book, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote with no hidden fees. Just give our 24-hour team a call at 1-800-436-8719.

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    Your bus driver: If you do choose to make your trip span multiple days, you will need to set up hotel accommodations for your bus driver(s). We recommend choosing at least a 3-star hotel to make sure your drivers are comfortable and cared for so they can rest up to provide the best possible service to your group.

    Route options: To get from Atlanta to Miami quickly, you can travel straight through Georgia and Florida via I-75 and Florida’s Turnpike, which is the most direct route. This will bring you right by Orlando, but the rest of the trip might be a little uneventful.

    Another option is to swing out to Savannah and continue down I-95, which flows down Florida’s east coast and takes you past plenty of beach towns for a relaxing stop.

    Suggested Stop: Charleston

    Distance from Atlanta: 307 miles, or about a 5-hour drive

    Distance from Miami: 590 miles, or about a 9-hour drive

    old classic homes on the shore of charleston next to calm waters at dusk

    You’ll have to swing pretty wide from your route if you want to see Charleston, but if you’re into beautiful architecture, southern food, and sandy beaches, it’ll be worth the detour.

    With a history going back 350 years, Charleston is home to lots of cobblestone streets and historic buildings, making it a beautiful place to simply go for a walk and admire the city’s beauty. Hit up one of the city’s rooftop bars for even more views, or head to one of the city’s famous restaurants like 82 Queen or Virginia’s on King to experience authentic southern cuisine.

    Foley Beach is also just a quick drive away from the city center if your group is looking to spend a day lounging on the beach or admiring the water from the 1,000-foot pier.

    Charter bus information: To bring your charter bus into Charleston, you may be required to employ a city tour guide. All charter buses entering the Historic District will need to obtain a permit and follow approved bus routes to designated loading and unloading zones. We recommend contacting the City of Charleston Tourism Management Department before traveling.

    More detour information: Charleston is pretty out of the way if your goal is to get to Miami as quickly as possible. Stopping here will add at least 4 hours to your driving time and set you up to continue down the coast of Georgia and Florida before you finish your journey.

    Suggested Stop: Savannah

    Distance from Atlanta: 248 miles, or about a 4-hour drive

    Distance from Miami: 491 miles, or about a 7 ½-hour drive

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    Savannah’s old-city charm and beautiful architecture make it a favorite for plenty of southeastern travelers. And if you want to continue your journey to Miami down the Georgia and Florida coasts, this is a great way to kick it off!

    Savannah’s famous River Street offers beautiful views of the water, which you can enjoy with a world-famous praline treat from River Street Sweets. If you’re craving more than just a glance at the water, though, your group can take a quick drive out to Tybee Island, where you can relax and admire the ocean on the sandy beach.

    Meanwhile, history buffs can stroll through the city’s 22 remaining historic squares, which are filled with statues and plaques dedicated to Savannah’s history. Local tours can take you on a journey through Savannah’s 300 years of architectural history, or provide a few spooks after dark with an account of the city’s most haunted areas.

    Charter bus information: Since Savannah is rather old, many streets don’t allow quite enough space for motorcoaches to drive by. But, luckily, the city recognizes the importance of charter buses to help local tour groups get around. If you’re traveling in the Historic District, you will need to register for a special permit for your charter bus. We recommend getting in touch with Savannah’s Mobility & Parking Services before you set off on your journey.

    The best place for your bus to park will be at the Tricentennial Park Visitor Center Parking Lot.

    More detour information: This one’s a bit more out of the way than other stops, but it will set your group up for an easy and straightforward trip down Florida’s coast. Taking the route to Savannah will add about one hour of driving, compared to the most direct Atlanta-Miami route.

    Suggested Stop: St. Augustine

    Distance from Atlanta: 383 miles, or about a 6-hour drive

    Distance from Miami: 315 miles, or about a 4 ½-hour drive

    an old fountain in front of a historic building with ornate st. augustine architecture

    St. Augustine is a quaint city on the northeastern coast of Florida that has a long history as one of the first Spanish settlements in the present-day U.S. As such, the city is covered in centuries-old buildings with unique architectural styles, namely the Spanish-colonial style. Architecture buffs typically stop here to admire particularly beautiful stops such as Flagler College, The Lightner Museum, Cathedral Basilica, and the Grace United Methodist Church. If you’re staying late, you can even check out a ghost tour to learn more about the city’s supposedly haunted areas.

    Elsewhere in St. Augustine, you can find lively cobblestone streets lined with shops and cafes, making it perfect for a quick break that is a few steps above your typical boring rest stop. Passengers can settle in for a lunch or stroll from shop to shop for a small bit of exercise, all while exploring the beauty that you’re sure to find around every corner.

    Charter bus information: St. Augustine offers a few places for you to park your charter bus. The Visitor Information Center on the west end of Castillo Drive offers the most spaces. If you want to arrange overnight parking, you’ll have to obtain a permit from the Visitor’s Center.

    More detour information: If you take the quick detour to St. Augustine off of the most direct route to Miami from Atlanta, you’ll add about 40 minutes of driving time to your trip, which doesn’t account for time spent in St. Augustine and assumes that you continue your journey to Miami via I-95 on the east coast.

    Suggested Stop: Jacksonville

    Distance from Atlanta: 347 miles, or about a 5-hour drive

    Distance from Miami: 351 miles, or about a 5-hour drive

    a woman walks along the shore of one of jacksonville's beaches

    Jacksonville’s 22 miles of beach makes it a tempting stop, if you’re interested in adding a day to your road trip to really soak up the sun. Jacksonville Beach hosts waterside cafes for drinks with a view, Neptune Beach is a great quiet spot to settle in with a book, and Huguenot Memorial Park’s waves are a great spot to try your hand at surfing with lifeguard supervision.

    While you’re in town, you can also check out the city’s blossoming dining scene, offering surprisingly delicious choices from award-winning chefs! Check out spots like Town Hall for some well-known staples, The Bearded Pig for delicious southern BBQ, and Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen for delicious Ethiopian cuisine.

    More detour information: If you’re planning to follow I-95 down Florida’s coast to Miami, you’ll drive right through Jacksonville without losing any time. If you’re taking the most direct route to Miami via I-75, detouring to Jacksonville will add about 20 minutes of driving time to your trip. From there, you can continue down the coast without adding any time, or take another 20-30 minute drive back toward Florida’s Turnpike to continue down the middle of the state (this route will take you past Orlando).

    Suggested Stop: Orlando

    Distance from Atlanta: 439 miles, or about a 6 ½-hour drive

    Distance from Miami: 235 miles, or about a 3 ½-hour drive

    a view of a tall loop on a red rollercoaster at universal orlando

    It’s hard to resist the theme park capital of the world on a normal day, but if you’re driving from Atlanta to Miami, odds are you’re going to drive right through it! Orlando proper may not be right on your route, but Disney World and Universal Orlando are each about a 10-minute drive off of your most direct Atlanta-Miami route, so we definitely recommend adding a day in either park for a little mix-up on your road trip.

    Charter bus information: Orlando’s theme parks are quite used to hosting large groups. Here, you’ll find more than enough space for your charter bus to stay safely parked while you explore the worlds of your favorite movies.

    More detour information: Taking this detour won’t add much driving time to your Atlanta-Miami trip. The most direct route to Miami takes you dangerously close to Disney World and Universal Orlando, so if you don’t make the stop, odds are you’ll be able to take a peek at the parks as you drive on by.

    Arrange a Charter Bus from Atlanta to Miami

    Ready to set out on your own road trip from Atlanta to Miami? Call Shofur today at 1-800-436-8719 to get a free quote on your charter bus rental, learn more about the types of coaches you can charter, and secure reliable transportation for your journey! We’re available 24/7.

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