Why Rent a Bus in Savannah?

a view of river street in savannah at dusk

Getting around a city with a group can often be a challenge, especially if you aren’t a frequent visitor. And with Savannah’s historic cobblestoned squares, picturesque parks, and famous moss-covered oak trees catching your eye at every turn, you won’t want to be focused on the road when you could be taking in the beautiful scenery. If you’ve decided that a multi-car caravan isn’t your first choice, you have a few group transportation options in Savannah, ranging from small rideshare services to public buses to private charter bus fleets.

  • Chatham Area Transit (CAT): Chatham’s county-wide transportation system offers rides in Savannah starting at $1.50 per ride for local, one-way trips. There are 15 fixed bus routes throughout the city and a daily shuttle from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. If you’re particular about the order in which you explore Savannah, though, you might not want to follow someone else’s fixed schedule.
  • dot Shuttle: CAT also operates a downtown shuttle known as the “dot Shuttle” that’s free of charge to all riders and ADA-accessible. Two fixed loops connect visitor centers and parking areas with 24 attractions, shops, and restaurants, plus a few hotels. It’s great for a quick trip to a local hotspot, but keep in mind that the dot only operates during certain times.
  • Rideshares and Taxi Services: Uber, Lyft, and local taxi services all operate in Savannah and are available at a moment’s notice; however, if you’re traveling with a large group, it might be hard to keep everyone together after you’ve separated into cars.
  • Savannah Belles Ferry: If you need to make your way across the Savannah River to Hutchinson Island, this is the service for you. Ferries are fully accessible, and your group can even request an additional ferry if your group exceeds the capacity of one boat.
  • Charter Bus Rentals: If you’re traveling with a large group, would like to build your own custom itinerary, or don’t want to share your ride with anyone else, a charter bus rental from Shofur might be the best choice for you. We can accommodate all groups with compact minibus rentals, full-sized motorcoach rentals, and multiple sizes in between. You’ll have a professional driver behind the wheel throughout your entire trip, and our team of reservation specialists will handle all of the travel logistics for you—all you have to do is recline in your window seat, browse the internet with onboard WiFi, and take in Savannah’s beautiful scenery. Still not convinced? Call our 24-hour team at 1-800-436-8719 to learn more about what a charter bus can do for your group.

Comparing Savannah Group Transportation





dot Shuttle

Savannah Belles Ferry







Personal, professional driver





Curbside drop-off




On-board climate controls




On-board entertainment






Nationwide access






Tailored to your schedule





One vehicle for your entire group





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A Note About Bringing a Charter Bus to Savannah

If you’ll be traveling through Savannah’s historic district with a bus that’s greater than 34 feet, the city requires that you obtain a motorcoach permit before your visit. You can fill out a permit application electronically and purchase your permit at one of two locations:

Tri-Centennial Park Visitor Center

Address: 301 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Rear Parking Lot, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Phone: 912-525-1500

Bryan Street Parking Garage

Address: 100 East Bryan Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Phone: 912-651-6477


Shofur is not responsible for purchasing a motorcoach permit for your group.

Once you’ve purchased your permit, you can refer to the city’s motorcoach map to determine where you can park, load, and unload your charter bus.

Book Transportation for your Savannah Wedding

Once you’ve secured your catering menu, bought the dress, and chosen your favorite venue, it’s time to figure out how your guests will get to your wedding. Are you having your reception at Savannah Station but staying at the Hotel Indigo in the historic district? What about your bachelor or bachelorette night out on River Street?

Instead of asking guests to walk or drive themselves to your celebration, book a private minibus to act as your personal wedding shuttle service. We’ll make sure you have a professional DD, a safe ride to and from the festivities, and extra bells and whistles—your guests will definitely appreciate the onboard air conditioning and room to stretch their legs while they travel!

Savannah Station

Address: 601 Cohen St, Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: (912) 233-5400

The Mackey House

Address: 190 Red Gate Farms Trail, Savannah, GA 31405

Phone: (912) 234-7404

Cohen’s Retreat

Address: 5715 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA 31406

Phone: (912) 355-3336


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Organize Corporate Event Transportation in Savannah

Hosting a corporate event in Savannah? Organizing food, presentation times, and vendor setup areas is one thing, but we know that organizing transportation for hundreds or thousands of guests is another. To ensure that no one gets lost on the way to your venue, or simply to guarantee ADA-accessible transportation to all of your guests, let Shofur’s reservation specialists help you set up a shuttle loop that connects your event venue with nearby hotels, restaurants, or other hotspots.

Every guest will have a guaranteed ride to your events without having to worry about how they’ll get around. Plus, they’ll have onboard WiFi to help prep for presentations on the road and air conditioning to escape the Savannah heat.

Shofur can help you set up an event transportation service that will help transport attendees to any of Savannah’s top event venues:

the savannah convention center across the river

Savannah Convention Center

Address: 1 International Dr, Savannah, GA 31421

Phone: (912) 447-4000

(You’ll have to arrange a ferry ride to get to the convention center, but we’ll be happy to shuttle your group members to the ferry stop!)

Savannah Civic Center

Address: 301 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: (912) 651-6550

Take an Unforgettable Field Trip to Savannah

Savannah’s rich history as one of the original colonies, the birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts, and the site of many key Revolutionary War and Civil War events makes it a great place for a field trip—whether you’re a local school or you’re traveling in from nearby cities like Atlanta or Jacksonville.

Need something a little more updated than a school bus on your next Savannah school trip? Let Shofur pair you with a professional driver, extra onboard amenities like WiFi and televisions, and reclining seats for a little extra comfort. Buses are thoroughly inspected before every trip and only operated by experienced professionals, so you can rest easy knowing that your students are in good hands. We’ll make sure you’re dropped off safely at each field trip site so you can focus on providing an educational experience for your students.


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Tour Savannah’s Colleges

Thinking of attending a college in Savannah? Touring colleges is an essential part of making the right decision, which is why Shofur is prepared to help transport your group of high-schoolers to every college tour on your itinerary. Students can explore the city through your bus’s panoramic windows while your driver ensures you arrive at each campus tour in a timely manner. Once you’ve finished your tours, your private bus can take you on a personalized tour of Savannah!

The Savannah College of Art & Design

Address: 516 Drayton St, Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: (912) 525-5100

Savannah State University College of Business Administration

Address: 3219 College St, Savannah, GA 31404

Phone: (912) 358-3389

Build Your Own Historical Tour of Savannah

one of savannah's 22 historic squares

Savannah’s 22 historic squares, multiple cemeteries, and thriving historic district make it the perfect destination for any history buff. And if your group of history buffs is very particular about what to see, you might want to customize your own tour of Savannah. Spend as much time as you’d like wandering the squares or admiring the Spanish moss—when you book with Shofur, you’re in complete control of your itinerary. Just tell us where you’d like to go and we’ll book a bus that’s perfect for your group.

Get your Group to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day

Savannah’s legendary St. Patrick’s Day Parade (the second-largest in the United States!) and its accompanying festival draw in about a half a million visitors each year. If you love live music, sharing drinks on River Street into the wee hours of the morning, and celebrating traditions that date back to 1820, you’ll definitely want to put “Visit Savannah for St. Patty’s Day” on your bucket list.

Naturally, with so many people buzzing around the city, traveling from point A to point B can be tough. Instead of bringing multiple cars and figuring out where to park, let Shofur help your group travel to Savannah and shuttle you to and from the festivities—that way, you can come and go as you please, follow your ideal schedule, and enjoy the party knowing you have a safe ride back to your home or hotel!

Our Favorite Group-Friendly Destinations in Savannah

Forsyth Park

Great for: students, groups with kids, and all outdoor enthusiasts

a fountain surrounded by old trees at forsyth park

Located right in Savannah’s historic district is Forsyth Park, whose 30 acres of green space contains multiple walking paths, a fountain, playgrounds, athletic fields, and even a fragrant garden for the blind. This is a great place to rest your feet after a long day of walking, enjoy some fresh air, or get some exercise before you return to your historical tour of the city.

Bus tip: Your charter bus can drop you off at Forsyth Park at the intersection of Dayton Street and E Hall Street. Keep in mind that motorcoaches are only allowed to idle for 15 minutes during loading and 10 minutes during unloading. The closest bus parking area is at Alice Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

Address: 2 W Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401

Bonaventure Cemetery

Great for: students, architecture aficionados, and history buffs

a gravestone in bonaventure cemetery carved to look like a young woman

Filled with the resting sites of famous historical figures and folklore tales of the circumstances of their deaths, Bonaventure Cemetery is a must-see for all history buffs (and adventurous ghost hunters). If history isn’t your thing, though, we definitely recommend stopping by just to see the famous architecture and sculptures, which attract thousands of visitors each year.

Bus tip: Parking at Bonaventure Cemetery is very limited, so we definitely recommend having your bus driver drop you off and asking your driver to park in Savannah’s Historic District.

Group tours: Free guided tours are available at 2:00pm and 2:30pm on select dates.

Address: 330 Bonaventure Rd, Thunderbolt, GA 31404

Telfair Museums

Great for: students, history buffs, large groups of families & friends

The Telfair Museums are comprised of three separate locations (the Jepson Center, Telfair Academy, and the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters) that showcase the art, history, and architecture of Savannah. In the museums’ collections, you’ll find fully-furnished period rooms, a historic home with belongings of Savannah’s Owens family, and Southern and African-American art galleries. One museum ticket grants you access to all 3 locations.

The museums are located within about a 7-mile walk from one another, but if anyone in your group has mobility concerns, your ADA-accessible charter bus can make sure they’re safely transported from one museum site to the next with no hassle.

Bus tip: Your passengers can load and unload near York Street & Barnard Street or York Street & Bull street. The nearest bus parking area is near Columbia Square on Lincoln Street.

Group tours: Self-guided and docent-led group tours are available via online reservation.

Main Address: 207 W York St, Savannah, GA 31401

Rent Your Charter Bus in Savannah, Georgia

Ready to plan your Savannah group adventure? No matter what brings you to this historic city, Shofur has everything you need to schedule reliable, safe, and comfortable group transportation. Call our 24-hour team today at 1-800-436-8719 to learn more about what our bus rental services can do for you!

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Prices for Charter Buses and Minibuses in Savannah

Vehicles Passengers Luggage Hourly Min Hrs
vehicle image


57 55
$110 - $170
vehicle image


25 7
$105 - $160

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is: it depends. When you call one of our 24/7 reservation specialists with your trip details, they will build a quote for you based on a few factors, including how far you'll be traveling, which bus you rent, how many hours or days you will need the rental, and where and when you will be picked up. Depending on your trip itinerary, your rental cost will be broken down by hour, day, or mile.

You can learn more on our charter bus pricing page, and your reservation specialist will be happy to break down pricing further when you call.

Our network offers full-size charter buses, minibus rentals, and sprinter vans. Full-size charter bus rentals are great for larger groups or longer distance trips and can accommodate up to 56 passengers, while minibus rentals work well for medium-sized groups of 12 to 25 passengers. Groups even smaller than that can rent a sprinter van, which comfortably accommodates up to 12 people.

Visit our buses page to learn more about the charter bus options available in Shofur's network.

Every bus model in our network comes with their own special amenities and capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • WiFi and/or power outlets
  • A/C and heating
  • TV monitors and a DVD player
  • Onboard restrooms
  • AM/FM radio
  • Overhead storage bins
  • Luggage bays
  • ADA accessible features

If you have a specific amenity request, be sure to let your reservation specialist know and they will be happy to work with you to find the best bus for your group.

When you call to get a free, no-obligation quote, you will get a number that is transparent and all-inclusive. Below is a list of components your quote covers:

  • The bus itself
  • A professional charter bus driver
  • The bus's mileage and fuel
  • Insurance
  • Tolls
  • Processing fees

Remember that your quote will not include certain aspects that are out of Shofur's control or at your own discretion, such as:

  • Gratuity for your driver (at your discretion, typically 5-10% of the total cost of the rental)
  • Parking fees
  • Lodging for your driver (required for multi-day trips)

No. Your professional, trained, and highly experienced charter bus driver will take care of all the driving so you can sit back and relax during your journey. Each charter bus driver has undergone numerous background checks and driving tests to ensure their safety and expertise.

Yes. A fee of 10% of the total cost of the trip is due at the time of your booking.

Your rental will need to be paid in full 7 days before your trip date.

Most charter bus providers will allow you to drink on your bus. However, be sure to let your reservation specialist know so that they can determine for sure. Also, be mindful about not leaving a mess behind, or you may be subject to a cleaning fee that is usually $250.