Terminal Station

One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the entire city is Terminal Station. Built in 1916, it was the center of the city's transportation industry for years. As the state shifted away from railroads in favor of other transportation options, the station shut its doors and remained closed for a number of years. Terminal Station is now open as a bus terminal and an event space. While you probably won't want to rent the venue for the night, you will want to tour the exterior and take a step inside to view its interior.

The Cannonball House

If you still need your historic architecture fix after visiting Terminal Station, head over to The Cannonball House. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it dates back to the 1850s. Its original owners repaired and restored the house after it suffered some damage during the Civil War. It is now one of the top museums in the city. The collections you can view inside include clothing and weaponry from the Civil War era. The museum also has a fully restored summer kitchen that gives you a look at how families and their servants once cooked meals.

Rose Hill Cemetery

Those who love history and want to learn more about the city may appreciate a trip to Rose Hill Cemetery too. Though the first graves appeared in 1840, the cemetery grew more popular as locals buried Civil War soldiers there. A group of locals came together in the early 2000s to form a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the memories of those buried in the cemetery. There are approximately 19 different sections of the cemetery that you can now tour, including a separate section used for parishioners of a local Catholic church.

The Big House

The Allman Brothers had a hit on their hands when they released the iconic song Ramblin' Man. That song made it to number two on the charts and made the band members overnight stars. You can now learn all about those men at The Big House. The Big House is a private home that the band rented in the late 1960s. They lived there with a few fans and some of their roadies. Though they moved on a few years later, the house is now a museum dedicated to them. You can see a recreation of their rehearsal space, view their records and even see their personal bedrooms.


Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Fans of professional Georgia sports will definitely want to see the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame inducts several individuals every year who played an important role in sports in the state. Those honorees include coaches, professional athletes, college players and even those playing at the high school and lower levels. Even if you can't make it for the annual ceremony, you can still tour the Hall of Fame and visit the attached museum. The museum displays memorabilia related to all those star players and coaches.

Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens

Take a trip to Middle Georgia State University to explore the Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens. The gardens started as a small series of plants that students studying at the university planted and watched grow. As they added more plants and flowers, the gardens became one of the state's top botanical garden attractions. You can pick up a simple brochure from the front office that walks you through the gardens and tells you more about all the plants you might come across. Many people enjoy visiting in the spring and summer months, which is when more of the plants are in bloom.

Macon has a great location that is right near the center of the state. This puts you close to both major cities and smaller towns. No matter how long you plan to spend in the city, make sure that you and your group visit sites like the Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens and Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

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