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    What to Pack on a Charter Bus Trip: Accessories, Food, & Clothing

    Gearing up for a big trip? There’s plenty to think about before getting on the road. From booking your charter bus to securing your lodging, you’ve got a lot to organize. But don’t let packing fall to the wayside and end up as a hurried scramble the morning of your trip!

    When you’re getting ready for your trip, there’s a fine line between having everything you need and overpacking. How do you really know when you’ve overpacked? Well, if you have six pairs of shoes for a three-day trip, you’ve probably stretched your suitcase more than needed.

    Thankfully, Shofur makes it easy to pack for a long trip. Unlike airlines that will nickel-and-dime you for each additional piece of luggage, Shofur allows you to bring as much as your model of charter bus can carry. Still, everyone in your group should put some thought into how and what to pack to avoid onboard storage issues.

    someone sitting on an overpacked bag to close it

    Tips to Pack Smart

    1.   Know how much space you’re working with

    Not every model of charter bus is created equal when it comes to storage space. Naturally, the smaller the bus, the less storage you’ll have. Minibuses are usually suited to hold one carry-on bag per passenger and minimal large pieces of luggage. 56 passenger charter buses have luggage bays beneath the bus that are spacious enough for one or two pieces of luggage per passenger, along with a carry-on bag.

    2.   Make a list

    It may seem tedious, but creating a packing list is one of the most practical ways to help yourself differentiate between what’s actually needed and what’s not. Without this, it’s much easier to fill your bag with items you know deep down you won’t use but have convinced yourself you will (put that extra outfit down right now.) We’ve all been there.

    3.   Leave the “just-in-case” items

    Although it’s tempting, try not to pack in preparation for the worst-case scenario. If you find yourself throwing something into your bag “just-in-case,” leave it out. Only worry about packing the necessities that can’t be easily replaced at your destination. This includes items like prescriptions, gifts, and special outfits (if you’re traveling for a wedding, grabbing a tux last-minute isn’t cheap).

    4.   Think small

    Traveling by charter bus doesn’t come with the same TSA carry-on regulations as air travel. But space is still precious, so don’t waste it with full-size containers of shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, etc. Instead, make a quick run to the store and grab travel-sized bottles of all your necessary toiletries or containers you can decant them into.

    What to Pack for Short Trips

    If you’re only planning a day trip, you’ll definitely want to avoid lugging around more than you need in your bag. It’s easy to overpack for a short trip as you might think, “Look at all this space. I can fit more than a day’s worth of stuff in here!” That can easily spiral into having way too many extra belongings on you.

    an aisle in a charter bus

    You’ll want to ensure you have everything you need for a day trip while keeping the packing reasonable. Depending on your travel occasion, try to follow a few of these tips to avoid an unnecessarily heavy bag:

    Sporting Event Trips

    Packing light for a sporting event can be tough. Athletes have equipment to transport, and sports fans have tailgating items like coolers and tents to pack up. This makes it even more important to conserve storage space where you can. If you’re traveling with sports fans, coordinate exactly who’s bringing what to the tailgate. As great as is to have extra chairs and tents, you likely won’t need them.

    Wedding-related Events

    Whether you’re hopping on a charter bus for a bachelorette party or for day-of transportation to the wedding ceremony, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the occasion. From gifts to after-event casual outfits, weddings can come with a lot of baggage. Saving space on your shuttle may be tough, but having a thoroughly thought-out packing list can help. Make a list a couple of evenings in advance to give yourself plenty of time to cross out any “just-in case” items on your list.

    Trips with Kids (School Field Trips, Summer Camps, and Youth Groups)

    Instead of bulky everyday backpacks, ask every student who can to bring a drawstring bag or small backpack with only the essentials. You could even see if the school will provide these bags for students who can’t afford them. Essentials include permission slips, educational worksheets, water bottles, bug repellant, sunglasses, and maybe a little money for buying souvenirs.

    Business and Convention Trips

    Organizing business transportation can get messy if you have a large team. Add a ridiculous amount of luggage to the equation, and things can turn into a logistical nightmare. A major way to cut down on packing bulk is to utilize tablets and smaller mobile devices rather than laptops, if possible.

    What to Pack for Long Road Trips

    Packing for a trip is dependent on several factors, with some of the most important being occasion and duration. A packing list for a multi-day field trip is going to be different than one for a weekend-long birthday bash—but you’ll still need a few things to optimize comfort on the road. These items don’t take up too much space but offer a way to make your trip run smoother:

    a woman sleeping on a charter bus with headphones on

    1.   Electronic devices and chargers

    If you have a tablet or small laptop, this is the time to break them out. Shofur charter buses can come equipped with WiFi and power outlets at each seat for easy use of your devices. Don’t forget to put your chargers in your carry-on too! The last thing you want is your iPad to die mid-fight in Game of Thrones while your charger is stored in luggage beneath the bus.

    2.   Headphones

    Seriously, don’t be the person on a trip who wants to listen to music or a show out loud. Unless you’re traveling with a small group and everyone’s on board with watching something together (you can always request a bus with TVs for everyone’s convenience if that’s the case). So be sure to grab your headphones to catch up on your favorite media or to block out any noise during a nap.

    3.   A pillow

    Neck pillows can really be a game-changer when you’ll be stuck on the road for hours upon hours. Most buses can come equipped with reclining, plush seats. A neck pillow will be the icing on the cake to catch some zs on the road.

    4.   Snacks and drinks

    You can always build-in any stops to your itinerary for your group to grab a bite to eat but having food onboard can help combat the hanger. Everyone can bring their own snacks of choice or a designated person can be in charge of grabbing snacks for your whole group.

    5.   A good book

    Staring at a screen for a long ride can get tough on the eyes. Whether you bring a good ol’ paperback or have an audiobook in your queue, it’s a good idea to have something to save your eyes from strain and an inevitable headache.

    Ready to Hit the Road?

    While organizing a trip, try to keep these handy tips in mind while packing. They’ll save you some stress, much-needed space on your charter bus, and the arm strength needed to carry around an over-packed bag. Once you have your trip and packing plan in line, leave the transportation up to us! Our rental team is available 24/7 at 1-800-436-8719 to help guide you through the bus rental process and get you a personalized quote.

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