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    Prince’s Favorite Spots in His Hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The governor of Minnesota has declared June 7th, Prince Day. The musical legend passed away a few weeks shy of his 58th birthday. In remembrance of the one and only Prince, we put together some places to visit in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. On June 7, 1958, Prince Rogers Nelson came into the world and changed it forever. With a name like Prince Rogers Nelson, you are automatically born a legend. He was named after the Prince Rogers Trio, the jazz band his father played in, where his epic musical journey was destined from the beginning. He did not simply make music, but influenced the culture of it. He was a music superstar and hometown hero that no one could help but love. Writing his first song at age seven, he quickly learned how to play guitar, the drums and piano. His talent vocally and instrumentally shined through since day one, and it was nothing short of incredible. It’s safe to say that Prince was a musical genius whose rhythm consisted of funk, R&B, soul and rock. He was dedicated to music and philanthropy, inspiring his fans and people around the world with his unbelievable gift to touch human lives. Prince died at Paisley Park Studios on April 21, 2016. He would have been 58 years old today, and all anyone can do is remember the legend that he forever will be.  Below you will find some great places to visit in Minnesota on “Prince Day” and beyond.

    Dakota Jazz Club And Restaurant

    The Dakota is intimate in the best kind of way. The club opened in 1985 in St. Paul and now today it calls home to downtown Minneapolis. Known for having many well-known performers play there over the years, the one that stands out the most is Prince. This cabaret was the setting of one of Prince’s most beloved spots in his hometown to frequent. From surprise shows to having a favorite table, this place was one that he held dear to his heart.

    Electric Fetus

    Welcome to one of Prince’s favorite stops when he was home in Minneapolis. The Electric Fetus has been rocking people’s souls since 1968. Home to various genres and artists, this place has a little taste of everything. This record store was where he was often found exploring new music and remembering old favorites.  At his last visit before he passed away, he purchased 6 CDs here.

    1. Santana, “Santana IV”

    2. Swan Silverstones, “Inspirational Gossip Classics”

    3. Missing Persons, “The Best Of Missing Persons”

    4. Joni Mitchell, “Hejira”

    5. Chambers Brothers, “The Time Has Come”

    6. Stevie Wonder, “Talking Book”

    The House From “Purple Rain”

    If you have never seen this movie, we need you to stop what you are doing and turn on your television. Located in South Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood, this house is known as where the “The Kid” lived during the filming of Purple Rain. For those of you that do not know, Purple Rain is a movie that depicts “the Kid” (Prince) as a Minneapolis musician on the rise with his band the Revolution. Purple Rain is considered to be a masterpiece. The blend between cinematic intensity and some of the best music to ever be created will give you the chills.

    Schmitt Music Mural

    Black musical notes dance on a white wall in downtown Minneapolis. Early on in Prince’s career, he was photographed standing in front of this musical mural on South 10th Street & Marquette Avenue in Minneapolis. This is not just any wall but a symbol of the beginning of greatness. A black and white photo that now echoes in people’s minds forever. Although Schmitt Music no longer occupies that space, the wall still stands strong as an iconic remembrance of an artist who changed what it truly means to be a talented musician.

    Paisley Park Studios

    In Chanhassen, Minnesota sits one of the most well-known recording studios to ever exist. Paisley Park Records, Price’s Label, had hundreds of musicians pass through the doors. Many artists came to this place to create masterpieces, and that is exactly what they did.  After his record label came to an end in 1994, Prince continued to record and live at Paisley Park. This was not just his home or somewhere people came and went, this was a musical empire that he called his own.

    Calhoun Square

    Located on 3001 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis, Calhoun Square is an area that boasts many retailers, restaurants and bars. Visit the place that is the subject of Prince’s popular songs “Uptown” and “Calhoun Square.” The song “Uptown” is a metaphor for one’s ability to be free and express themselves. The song addresses the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, which was the city’s hot hangout spot for artists. “Calhoun Square” simply discusses a place that was obviously very dear to Prince’s heart. Come see for yourself what truly inspired the singer to write songs about this spot.

    Today we shall look back on his life and smile. The tremendous impact he had on the world of music will be something that will forever resonate with others. We remember his incredible accomplishments and look to the future. Happy birthday, Prince.

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