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    The Ultimate CES 2017 Travel Guide

    shofur's ultimate travel guide to ces 2017

    If you’re planning on traveling to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next January, you should probably read this.

    We’ve combed through the depths of the internet and compiled a list of helpful travel tips, including the best ways to get to and from Vegas, as well as how to get around once you’re here. CES 2016 was a record breaking year with an attendance of 177,393 people across the globe. With these numbers, waiting to book your travel at the last minute just isn’t an option. From airplane tickets to local shuttles, we’ve got the scoop on all things travel.

    Getting to Vegas

    Whether you’re traveling to Las Vegas from a neighboring city or across the country, we’ve got you covered. Nearly 80% of CES attendees will be traveling domestically in the US. It’s important to take the time to analyze which method of domestic travel is best for you and your group. Las Vegas is bound to be a frenzy from all the CES madness, so it’ll be imperative to find the most efficient way in.


    Traveling by plane is probably your fastest way to CES this year. (LAS) is a huge travel hub, so you will find a flight there no matter which city you’re coming from; LAS is the 8th busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movement. If you plan on traveling alone or with one other person, hopping on a flight may be easiest.

    However, if you’re traveling from out of state, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. We’ve done your research and found a few rates from the major cities expecting to pull in the most attendees. You may also want to keep baggage costs in mind, as most airlines will upcharge. And why would you want to limit the tech goodies you’re bringing to THE most prominent consumer electronics show…in the world?


    If you’re attending CES and already live on the West Coast, riding with Amtrak may be a viable travel option. Unfortunately, there is no direct Amtrak rail TO Las Vegas. Therefore, you’ll have to hop on a connecting bus to make your way to the convention. If you plan on attending just one out of the four show dates, Amtrak may be your most best option.

    Below are the nearest rail routes that connect an Amtrak shuttle service from Las Vegas to an Amtrak station.

    • Amtrak’s Southwest Chief – Amtrak Southwest Chief operates daily to Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Kingman, Arizona.
    • Amtrak’s San Joaquin – Traveling all throughout California and the San Joaquin Valley, this route operates between Stockton and Bakersfield. From Bakersfield, two (2) Amtrak Thruway Motorcoaches are serviced to Las Vegas.


    Greyhound and Megabus will service to Las Vegas this year for CES 2017. Head over to the Greyhound or Megabus service pages to find a station near you and to book your tickets. This transportation method is also great if you are a solo traveler. Baggage accessibility and costs are more convenient than traveling by plane, with twice the size in overhead storage and plenty of carry-on room below your feet.

    Unfortunately, Megabus primarily operates in the Northeast from city to city…so good luck finding a bus all the way to Las Vegas if you’re an East-Coaster.

    Greyhound DOES have a broader compilation of locations, making it easier to access a ticket no matter which part of the country you’re in. The company also allows you to track your bus in real time and services their app, accessible when you’re on the go in Vegas. This method of travel typically takes the longest (several hours) because of it’s multiple stops, constantly weaving off route to pick up maximum riders rather than head directly to your prefered destination.

    Charter Buses

    Whether you’re traveling with a group to CES to showcase your latest invention, support your colleagues who are, or just heading over with friends for pure entertainment, consider renting a charter bus. A clean, spacious charter tailored to the size of your group will be most comfortable for your employees during long corporate travel.

    Shofur is a nationwide bus service that offers affordable rates for group travel. Ranging from charter buses to mini sprinter vans, vehicles are available to seat multiple group sizes comfortably during your travel to and around Vegas. If you’re traveling from a nearby major city, such as Salt Lake City, Los Angeles or San Francisco, Shofur has got you covered.

    Getting Around Vegas

    If you opt into traveling by plane, you’ll want to keep in mind how you will get from your hotel and back to the airport upon the end of your trip. To avoid the craziness of public transportation, (trust us, it will get crazy) we’ve got the inside scoop in two considerable options.

    Rent a Car

    Renting a car can be a great, flexible option for attendees traveling in small groups of 2-4. Hertz is offering exclusive rates to CES attendees when booking a car reservation. Keep in mind that city traffic and hotel parking can get tricky during CES and won’t be the most budget friendly option. If you prefer the freedom of having your own personal vehicle, rental is the way to go.

    Use Promo Code CV#0526001 for a discounted Hertz Rental Car rate

    CES Shuttle

    CES will provide a shuttle service to McCarran International Airport (LAS) and Sands/ Venetian from the Las Vegas Convention Center (LCCC) and Sands Venetian. The shuttle will run every 25-30 minutes on Friday, January 6 and Saturday, January 7 from 10a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday, January 8 from 10a.m. – 5p.m. The shuttle price is $5 per person, one-way. Can’t beat that deal! CES will also provide a complimentary shuttle service to help you get around LVCC. The shuttle runs approximately every 10 minutes with multiple boarding locations on the Las Vegas strip.

    A document outlining the complimentary shuttle routes for the 2017 CES

    Uber / Lyft


    Although Uber and Lyft have been around for several years now, they were not allowed to operate in the Las Vegas area until CES 2016. Due to regulations put in place to protect the taxi industry, Uber and Lyft simply were not available in the Sin City. Although these popular ride-hailing apps are available now, there are still some peculiar rules and regulations in place that differ from most big cities.

    As The Points Guy points out, using Uber (or Lyft) to get from the McCarran International Airport can be somewhat confusing if you’re not prepared. Since Uber is not technically allowed to drive up to the terminals, passengers must walk to one of the two designated pick up locations located in the parking garages. If you’re not willing to haul your luggage across the airport, this may not be the best option for you.

    Many hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have started implementing designated pickup areas outside of their hotels, allowing guest and drivers to know exactly where their car will arrive. The biggest issue with these designated spots is that when traffic gets bad, the designated area will start to become congested, meaning that you might get stuck in the Uber lineup or have a difficult time locating your ride in a vast sea of Ubers. Add in the unpredictable nature of surge pricing to the mix, and you could end up throwing down triple digits for a 1 mile ride.

    All things considered, Uber and Lyft are generally the cheapest way to travel throughout Las Vegas if you’re not traveling during peak hours. First time Uber riders will receive their first ride free. First time Lyft users will receive a $50 credit toward their future rides.

    You can also opt for UberX, which connects you with any model of car (be prepared for a pickup truck to show up) or Lyft Line, which allows riders to split their trip with another passenger who is heading in the same direction.



    If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of downloading an app and would prefer to pay for transportation in cash, Taxi’s are a great option for getting around Las Vegas. Hailing a cab directly from McCarran Airport’s arrival terminal is significantly faster and more convenient than any other mode of transportation, but be prepared to pay a higher price for this convenience. Since taxi cab’s don’t always abide by a set rate, always ask your driver ahead of time what he or she would charge for the trip. Also, if you don’t have cash on you, it’s a good idea to make sure your driver will accept a credit card or alternate method of payment.

    A taxi driving down a busy street.

    The biggest benefit of taking a taxi is convenience. Taxi’s are EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas, so you’ll never find yourself waiting more than a few seconds for one. If you’re about to leave your hotel, you can usually call down to the concierge and have them call a cab on your behalf, so that it’s waiting for you when you arrive downstairs. It truly doesn’t get any more convenient than this.

    Las Vegas Monorail


    The Las Vegas Monorail is another solid option for traveling throughout Las Vegas. With tickets starting at $5 a person, the rail is a great option for solo travelers who need to travel longer distances and would prefer not to mess with ride hailing and street traffic. The monorail, which is located due east of the Las vegas strip, offers limited stops, so if you don’t mind walking to and from the rail station then this is a very cost effective way to travel. The rail conveniently drops off right in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center, making this a super easy travel option for small groups who are staying on the strip and attending the CES technology convention.

    If you need to make multiple trips during the day, consider buying a $28 three day pass. But for those who need to travel through other parts of Las Vegas beside the strip, the monorail may not be the best travel option.

    However you choose to get there, we hope you’re as stoked to attend this year’s CES as we are. CES 2017 is the only place to see tons of insanely cool technology before it his the market, like Volvo’s autonomous car to Panasonic’s new see-through TV.


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