• Posted on February 19, 2017 in Transportation

    Shofur: The Startup Keeping Megabus and Greyhound Up At Night

    Whether you’ve heard of Shofur before or this is your first time visiting our blog (welcome!), we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. We’re Shofur, a startup transportation tech company and, most importantly, the force disrupting the bus travel industry.

    In August, we gave Texans a reason to say, “Sayonara!” to antiquated corporate bus companies like Megabus and Greyhound. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and Shofur’s commitment to customer service, our top-notch buses that run daily routes between Austin, Dallas and Houston are changing the way people think about bus travel.

    What’s different?

    We’re a technology company first. This means we power our fleet by aggregating bus companies across the United States on our unique database. Since we don’t own any of the vehicles we utilize, we can spend more time focusing on providing a great customer experience and less time worrying about costly bus problems.

    Here’s the rundown on what sets our mobile app and service apart:

    1. Real-Time GPS Tracking

    Don’t feel like standing around in the Texas heat wondering where your bus is? With Shofur, you can hang out at a nearby coffee shop or hotel while tracking your bus through the smartphone app. If an unforeseen traffic jam causes your bus to run a few minutes behind, you’ll receive a notification so you’re never left waiting around.

    2.    Newer Buses

    We pride ourselves on providing modern, clean buses, and will never use a bus that is older than five years. No scary double-decker buses. No smelly, crusty buses. No buses that break down every other day.

    3. Fast Wi-Fi and Power Outlets

    Stream Netflix. Answer emails. Facetime your family. No other bus service can claim to provide this speed of Wi-fi. (Note that amenities for each bus are displayed at checkout, so make sure you see the Wi-Fi icon when choosing your Shofur.) If you’re using Wi-fi, you’re going to need to charge your device. Not to worry! Our buses also can come equipped with power outlets to keep you charged until you reach your destination.

    4. Review System

    After your trip, you can review and rate your bus and driver. Drivers with lower than 4.5 out of 5 stars are immediately removed from the Shofur platform.

    5. Real-Time Support

    Have a question? Need to change your trip time? Shofur has customer service agents available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. No 30-minute wait times with us.

    How to book

    As we eagerly continue to take over the bus travel industry state by state, we know “the other guys” will be up at night while we’re steadily giving our users new ways to enjoy bus travel. To find out what the hype is all about and to get in on the action yourself, purchase tickets through www.shofur.com or by downloading the Shofur App.


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