• Posted on January 18, 2017 in Buses

    Story by Faith D.

    Thousands Expected to Arrive at Women’s March on Washington by Bus

    Since November 2016, Shofur has received thousands of phone calls from passionate activists and small group leaders across the country who have been eager to get to Washington D.C. this weekend.  One might assume that these buses were all booked for January 21st, the day of Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  In reality, the overwhelming majority of requests for bus transportation have been for the Women’s March on Washington, the day AFTER the inauguration.

    According to the official Women’s March facebook page, nearly 200 thousand people are planning to attend the peaceful protest.   NBC Washington recently stated that as of Thursday, only 400 bus permits have been filed for the day of the inauguration, and nearly 1,800 filed for the following day.  Assuming that every bus is a standard 50-seat charter bus and is full, that’s over 90 thousand people expected to be arriving by bus alone!  Add in those flying and driving cars, and this could easily end up being the biggest grassroots rally in modern history.

    CEO Armir Harris is excited to support this movement and has even pledged to donate $150 per bus to various female empowering charities (Planned Parenthood, Global Fund for Women, and AAUW).  “As a political refugee raised by a single mother, this cause stands close to my heart,” says Harris.   “I look forward to the opportunity to helping many of you get to Washington.”

    If you’re traveling by bus, make sure to familiarize yourself with the city before you get there.  You won’t be able to get into D.C. by bus, so we recommend taking getting dropped off at one of the metro stations listed on the map below.  We also recommend purchasing metro rail cards ahead of time.

    If you’re not able to make it to the march in D.C., check out this list of sister cities who’re holding similar marches on at the same time.  Women’s March organizers encourage those who cannot get to D.C. to participate in these rallies as a sign of solidarity to those marching in Washington.

    If your group is still in need of bus transportation to the Women’s March on Washington, please visit www.shofur.com or call 1-800-436-8719, as we still have buses available, depending on location.

    Posted by Faith D.

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