• Posted on November 28, 2016 in Transportation

    Story by The Shofur Team

    The four worst things about college break

    While there’s no denying that holiday breaks are wonderful, here are four of the most cringe-worthy things every student should be prepared for:

    Holiday traffic jams

    You’ve just finished finals and are running on two hours of sleep, ramen noodle powder and Redbull, so naturally the last thing you want to is get into a cramped car and inch your way down the highway during peak Holiday travel hours. Don’t forget to stop and fill up your gas tank first! This one is going to be a real doozy.

    Awkward run-ins with old friends

    Despite your best efforts, you’ve both made eye contact and must now partake in one of the most awkward conversations known to man: saying hello to an old high school aquaintence. Get ready for an uncomfortable two minutes of forced smiles and awkward small talk. To survive this cringeworthy encounter, you better bring your A-game.


    “Where are you going?” “With whom?” “When will you be home?” While you’ve gone off to college and become your own independent person, your parents haven’t changed a bit (and neither has curfew). How do you explain to them that you’re an adult now but still need them to support you? Few things are worse than having your new found freedom taken away, but remember it’s only temporary.

    Now what?

    Coming home sounded nice, it really did, but now what? After you’ve eaten your weight in food, hugged your parents and seen everyone you actually wanted to, you begin to remember why you were so excited to leave for college in the first place: There’s absolutely nothing to do here. When you’ve hit this point, find a good show on Netflix and practice patience while your mom complains about how lazy you’ve become.

    While we can’t help with three of these terrible, awful, no good, very bad holiday break qualms, we can help with the first. Check out our competitive rates, buses that are equipped with WiFi and charging stations and you’ll be on your way to kicking back, relaxing and preparing for what awaits at home.


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