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    Shofur Transports Hundreds of Thousands To Music Festivals

    Shofur provides transportation for events of all kinds, but many may not know how invested in festival culture we truly are. Since our inception, we’ve been at some of the biggest music festivals in the United States, transporting staff, entertainers and attendees around the country in droves.

    Did you know that we’ve sent buses to some of America’s most sought after music festivals? Even though Shofur is a young company, we’ve made our presence felt within the festival world:


    Every year, we send hundreds of thousands of attendees to these events, servicing buses stocked with the finest amenities in the transportation industry. When you ride with Shofur, you’re able to take a rest as you please, store extra luggage, use the restroom, charge your electronic devices, and utilize free Wi-Fi with zero data limits.

    Whenever a trip is booked, Shofur makes client satisfaction its highest priority. Shofur reserves buses for a variety of events, and arranges bus rentals for groups of any size. If there’s a festival you’re looking to attend this season, contact us about our rates and services here.

    While we love helping people have fun, Shofur also loves helping humanity progress. Check out how we recently assisted with the Women’s March.
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