• Posted on November 28, 2016 in Transportation

    Story by The Shofur Team

    Shofur Bus Schedules Now Available in Google Maps

    Good news, travelers! Shofur’s bus schedules recently were integrated with Google Maps transit mode to offer you another streamlined, convenient way to book and compare travel options.

    Since 2013, Shofur’s CEO Armir Harris has worked to create one of the largest real-time databases of buses in the U.S. That’s how we bring you, the passenger, a great experience every time! Through our partnership with Google Maps, Shofur’s leading technology and information about bus routes and prices will be more accessible to new users, too.

    Have a friend who hasn’t made the switch from Megabus to Shofur? Have them go compare the routes on Google Maps transit mode first—they’ll see why we’re the best choice.

    “Shofur’s top priority will always be to provide users with the most transparent and efficient travel experience possible. By working with Google Maps, we are building on that mission,” said Armir Harris, CEO of Shofur. “While we focus on enhancing our current platform to deliver more features to our users, Google Maps gives us the opportunity to offer passengers a better experience even after they step off the bus.”

    Our promise to you is a premier customer experience from start to finish. Through our mobile app, passengers are able to choose from buses that are equipped with Wi-Fi, charging stations and reclining seats; change or book their seats on the bus; track the bus in real time so they’re not wasting time at the bus stop; and review and rate the bus company and driver after every trip.

    Now, with Google Maps, our passengers will be able to do even more. Riders can use Google Streetview to locate Shofur bus stops and nearby restaurants and hotels in Austin, Houston, Dallas and Waco, as well as view intracity travel information (such as ridesharing or taxi services).

    While large national companies focus on maintaining their fleets, we are focused on building a more transparent and efficient user experience and expanding our app-based offering to the rest of the U.S. As we expand, our work with Google Maps will reach beyond Texas and into every city we serve.


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