• Posted on May 24, 2017 in Miscellaneous

    Shofur App Gets Major Update

    The Shofur development team has been hard at work updating Shofur’s cutting-edge app, adding some unprecedented features. The changes to the Shofur App are intended to enhance the user experience, revolutionizing the way passengers manage trips, meet drivers, track buses, and much more.


    How the Shofur App Works

    Once a trip is booked, passengers receive a reservation code that is then entered into the app, providing access to a number of unique features:

    • Status of reserved bus.
    • Bus location tracker
    • Estimated time of arrival
    • Driver profile
    • Driver contact information


    Best times/places to use Shofur app features:

    • Severe weather scenarios
    • Festivals
    • Conferences
    • Late night excursions


    Passengers can expect the Shofur app update later this summer. For more information about Shofur’s technology and services, contact us here.


    Posted by Johnell G.


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