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    Hurricane Harvey Evacuation Help


    Tropical Storm Harvey is currently gaining strength and is predicted to hit the Texas coast by this Friday evening, August 25. At landfall, the storm is forecast to become a category 3 hurricane with winds reaching up to 125 mph. Once it’s made landfall, the storm may linger in the area for a few days, causing flooding along the Texas and Louisiana coasts until next Wednesday.

    An infographic on Hurricane Harvey

    Image from weather.com.

    SHOFUR, the most-trusted bus reservation service in North America, is prepared to provide large-scale emergency evacuation services to all of the affected areas. Whether you need transportation out of Houston, Port O’Connor, Corpus Christi, Port Mansfield, Brownsville, or anywhere in between, SHOFUR is ready to help. When Hurricane Matthew struck the Florida coast in 2016, we evacuated 10,000 people out of the danger areas and into safety in less than 24 hours; now, we’re prepared to do it all again.

    Our experienced drivers will travel quickly and efficiently to get you to safety as soon as possible. Directly servicing multiple cities across Texas and Louisiana, we’re prepared to dispatch charter buses or mini buses in as little as a few hours’ notice.

    Don’t linger until it’s too late; call SHOFUR and reserve a bus now at 1-800-436-8719. Just tell us where you are and where you need to go; we’ll handle the rest.


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