• Posted on November 28, 2016 in Transportation

    Story by The Shofur Team

    Crusty Seats and Other Things That Haunt Travelers

    Here at Shofur HQ, we spend our days thinking of ways to make traveling a breeze for our users. This Halloween, we decided to share a few things we heard haunted all of you before Shofur came along.

    Wi-Fi that doesn’t work: We’ve all been there. That horrifying moment when you have to make the choice between three hours of mind-numbing boredom or using up your precious data because the Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

    Paying for luggage: One, two…ah that’s going to cost you. Nothing will steal your joy more than having to pay for your extra bags after a weekend getaway filled with shopping and fun.

    Driving yourself on a business trip: Emails, texts, conference calls—aside from being unsafe to partake in while driving, those are also things business travelers often have to skip and work on after making their business trek.

    Crusty seats: If you drop your phone between the seats and you’re contemplating leaving it there forever because you’re too scared to stick your hand down there, it may be time to upgrade to a Shofur bus.

    Paying too much for travel: The need for adventure shouldn’t scare your wallet away.  Don’t let airlines and big bus companies charge you an arm and a leg for a simple weekend getaway.

    Have a spook-tacular Halloween! And be sure to #RideShofur, so these travel nightmares don’t get you down.


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