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    Corporate Teams at the Track: How to Maneuver at the Kentucky Derby

    The Kentucky Derby is finally here and your team is set to have a memorable experience. Everyone is ready to get out of the office, and you’ve squared away the majority of preparations for a great weekend. You may have everything checked off, but derby day consists of much more than just the race, so make sure you do your due diligence and run down this preliminary checklist:

    • Contact your business’ travel agent to ensure flights are booked and on schedule.
    • Follow up with your hotel provider to confirm that all rooms are in order.
    • Secure a shuttle or charter bus to get your team from the airport to the hotel, the Kentucky Derby and other excursions planned in Louisville.


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    Keep Your Driver in the Loop

    • Compile a list of guests so your driver knows how many passengers are anticipated.
    • Set a pickup time and location so your driver can get the team to their hotel.
    • Organize an itinerary so your driver knows where and when they’re taking you.


    Make it a Team Outing

    • Have fun with a team dress code; try to color coordinate your group or go with a unified theme.
    • Keep team members seated as close as possible during the Derby.
    • Encourage team members to order drinks together, place wagers collectively, and dine at the same restaurant afterward.


    Pro Tip: Kentucky Derby style is known to be classy, yet eccentric. Have fun with your look, but make sure you represent your company well.

    For Men

    • Suits: Typically only worn by those with clubhouse admission or reserved seating. Go with a lighter colored suit, made of either cotton or linen.
    • Sport Coats & Trousers: Try a thin lapeled jacket with a lighter, spring-themed coloration such as light blue, pink, or pastel. Tan or cream colored khakis will accent it well.
    • Shoes: If you’re wearing a suit, wear some Brogues or Oxfords. If you’re keeping things casual, choose a pair of loafers or docksiders (without socks).
    • Hats: Keep things simple with a solid-colored Fedora or Bowler.


    For Women


    • Hats: Outside of the races, hats are the most talked about feature of the day. So make sure to showcase an extravagant, colorful look that works for you.
    • Dresses: Comfort is key, but may dresses there will be longer with springtime theme or bright floral patterns.
    • Shoes: Go with a heel or sandal, preferably one that won’t hurt your feet during a long day of walking.
    • Bags: Pick a larger handbag to hold your clutch, an extra pair of flats, water, sunglasses, and your phone.


    Iron Out Company Budget Expectations

    • Get the particulars about your company per diem for food and drink.
    • See if your company is providing a stipend for team wagers.
    • Compile an estimate for the team tab and overall expenses.


    Most of all, have fun! The Kentucky Derby is an historic event that many people would love to experience, so enjoy the moments with your team.


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