• Posted on November 28, 2016 in Transportation

    Story by The Shofur Team

    ​A definitive, kinda weird list of gotta-have-’em travel apps

    Whether you’re suffering from chronic wanderlust or are heading home for the holidays this winter, we’re focusing on some of the best apps and services that can easily get you from Point A to Point B and, hopefully, help you have some fun while doing it.

    Whether you’re looking for a cheap flight or trying to find the best local cuisine in town, there’s no better aggregator than Google. Just do the usual and type your search, allow Google to access your location and discover all the great local fare and hotspots in town. Plus, Shofur has also recently integrated into Google Transit, so you will have valuable information at your fingertips even after you step off the bus.

    TripAdvisor has restaurant and flight aggregations, but its hotel feature is where it truly shines. Type in your destination, reservation dates and occupancy and voila, you have the full list of hotels based on popularity in the town of your choice, complete with snippets of reviews readily available as well as highlights of amenities like onsite pools, “pets allowed” and more. TripAdvisor also features a lot of photos taken by travelers, so you can avoid those advertising photos hotels use to make their rooms appear better than they actually are.

    Amazon Prime
    If you’re a music lover about to embark on some serious road-trippin’, Amazon Prime is a great resource. Yes, its price tag is a little on the steep side at $99 a year, but you’re able to download thousands of songs directly to your phone for free so you’re not wasting your (or your parents’) data on that 16-hour drive through spotty service. As a bonus, you also get access to free two-day shipping on many products available on amazon.com. With the holidays right around the corner (there are already Black Friday deals popping up everywhere!), Amazon Prime all of a sudden becomes invaluable, and you might find yourself renewing it every year like us.

    This is for all you international travelers out there. Currency is an easy-to-use converter that updates the exchange rates for 150 currencies worldwide. According to its website, Currency was one of the first 500 apps in Apple’s App Store, launching in 2008. Also available on Google Play, Currency is the perfect app for those of you studying abroad for a few months or those serial travelers out there who need some extra backpacking supplies for your trip across Europe or, who knows, a few more bucks for the pub!

    We’re taking an unconventional route on this one. In the age of social media, sharing your travel experience is a must for many. Since 2014, Snapchat has enabled geolocation filters, so you can add even more context and fun to your videos. Depending on where you are, you can swipe right after taking a photo or video to access different filters. Add that little bit of extra flair when you’re galavanting around different New York City neighborhoods or one of Austin’s many food truck courts and festivals to elicit that, “Man, I wish I was there” statement from your friends.


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