• Posted on May 18, 2017 in Podcasts

    Armir Harris, CEO, Featured on High Velocity Radio – Listen Now

    At age 16, Armir Harris started helping his uncle with the family transportation business – helping fulfill orders, translating papers and ensuring invoices were sent. He didn’t think that transportation logistics would become engrained in his being or that he would start a company around it – but he did and created what we now know as Shofur!

    Armir Harris, CEO of Shofur, sits down for a radio interview

    Recently, Armir sat down with Lee Kantor and Stone Payton of Business Radio X to talk about how and why he started the company and the future of it. During the discussion, Armir digs in with the hosts to look at:

    • How the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte changed his life
    • How he used $800 to start a national company
    • When and why people would want to rent a full bus
    • What it takes to create a growing company


    If you missed the full interview, you can listen here!


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