Shofur has aggregated data from bus companies across the U.S. Our goal is to provide valuable data for a successful march.

For information about the Women’s March 2019 please visit our sister site GOGO Charters.


Thousands of marchers expected to arrive in D.C. by bus.

Demand Legend

  • 300+ Buses
  • 150+ Buses
  • 30+ Buses
  • 10+ Buses

Tips & Regulation On Bus Travel To D.C.

Please carefully read the information below to ensure that this is a successful and organized march.

  • The March will begin at 10am on Saturday, January 21st at the intersection of Independence Avenue and 3rd Street SW, near the U.S. Capitol. For more information please visit the official Women’s March page
  • Parking and permits for buses will be limited, as many major streets will be blocked off on Friday and Saturday. We recommend having your bus drop off near a train station and riding into the city by train.
  • Avoid the National Mall and Regan National Airport areas, as traffic will be extremely congested on Saturday.
  • NYC & Boston buses are sold out. If you‘d like to get on a waiting list, please contact us ASAP.
  • We are offering discounts in several other cities as there still remains a surplus of buses in certain markets.
  • IMPORTANT: The United States Dept of Transportation allows only 10 hours of driving time and 15 hours of duty time for each bus. Please be mindful when making plans. If the driver exceeds his/her driving or duty limits then you will be responsible for arranging hotel rooms for drivers. The driver‘s hours are reset after 8 consecutive hours of rest.

Best pickup/drop off spots for buses

The following spots are sugested bus drop off and pickup areas,
conveniently located near Metro Train Stations

  • Eastbound traffic (I-66) - Drop off at Rosslyn station and take orange/blue line eastbound, exit at Federal Center SW Station. 3 minutes walk to Women‘s March starting point.
  • Southbound traffic (I-270, I-90) - Drop off at Dupont Circle station or Fort Totten station and take red line southbound to Metro Center Station, switch to blue line and exit at Federal Center SW Station. 3 minutes walk to Women‘s March starting point.
  • Northbound traffic (I-395) - Drop off at King St.-Old Town station and take yellow line northbound, exit at L‘Enfant station. 6 minutes walk to Women‘s March starting point.