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    Official List of Companies Who Support the Women’s March on Washington

    1. Burton Snowboards

    Burton CEO Donna Carpenter sent out an email offering to fund and lodge any employees interested in joining her in D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington.










    2. Brother Vellies

    In addition to closing down her shops on January 21st, Brother Vellies founder Aurora James also created a special sweater line that benefitted the official Women’s March on Washington.

    3. Rachel Antonoff

    The popular N.Y.C. designer donated fifteen percent of sales to the Women’s March during one weekend in December.



    4. SoundCloud

    SoundCloud’s Women in Leadership Group, which was launched to help foster and sustain women’s growth in the workplace, hosted an official Women’s March breakfast and sign making party before the NYC sister march on January 21st.


    5. Ben and Jerry’s

    Never one to shy away from politics, Ben and Jerry’s has spoken out several times about their feelings on Donald Trump and the Women’s March on Washington.  In addition to several supportive Instagrams and Facebook posts, the company recently posted a blog with photos of their favorite signs from the Women’s March.



    If you know of another company that publicly supported the Women’s March that isn’t on this list,  shoot us an email to let us know!

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