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Columbus Ohio: The Heart of it All

Columbus, Ohio is a thriving metropolis that is full of anything you could ever imagine. Ohio is known as "The Heart of it All" and this capital city shows that entertainment is their forte. The freeway systems here are easy to navigate; although the traffic is a bit crazy. Just a quick jolt down I-71 or I-270 will get you from point A to point B in less than 20 minutes for most destinations. If you're heading to the Mid-West and you want to stop by this happening city, here are some reasons why visiting this metropolitan area is a wise decision for your next vacation.

Extensive Parks and Recreation

There are numerous parks here that the city for which the city has dedicated a lot of time and money for the public's enjoyment. From Blacklick Woods in Reynoldsburg to Blendon Woods on Columbus' North end, these parks all have something special. These are just two of the many parks in the area that welcome visitors. Each recreational area has lakes, geese, nature centers, hiking trails and picnic grounds. There is a major park on every side of town in the suburbs that is geared toward family and fun.

World Class Shopping

The shopping malls in this area have undergone a huge change in the past decade. Gone are the Northland, Westland, and Southland malls. Now, there are Polaris Fashion Place, Tuttle Crossing, and Easton Town Center. Enjoy the upscale boutiques at Polaris, along with world-class dining. At Tuttle, valet parking is sure to please, as well as affordable prices from some of the most reliable retailers. If discounts outlets are your way of dealing, head on over to the Jeffersonville Outlet Malls. Here, you will find Nike, Addidas, Under Amour and other famous stores where bargains abound. In German Village and the Short North, there are plenty of little antique and specialty shops. There's no reason not to find what you're looking for in this mega city.

Food unlike Anything Else

Seriously, you could take a whole vacation just to find amazing places to eat here. Downtown, the" Spaghetti Warehouse" is a favorite. They offer Italian cuisine with a huge splash of ambiance. They are known for their vintage decor. The fact that they are situated in an old warehouse is even more unique. Sit inside a giant gazebo and eat dinner, or just sit in the caboose. The bed shaped tables and benches are also very comfortable.

If you like Indian food, then you simply must visit Aladdin's. This upscale eatery features amazing Indian dishes, as well as the biggest dessert case you will ever see in your life. From Chinese to Thai and even pizza places, you will need to make sure you don't gain weight on this trip.

The Ohio and Palace Theaters

If you like a Broadway type production, then why not visit the Ohio or the Palace Theatre? The Ohio Theatre is the oldest in the state. Its rich decor and reasonable prices draw people far and wide. They have amazing acts that perform here almost every day. These theaters are so close they are within walking distance from each other. For shows that showcase the talent in this area, stop by and enjoy.


The Center of Science and Industry is one of the biggest and best science centers in the country. Take a ride on a mining car and go deep into the earth and experience how coal miners work. Learn about static electricity by sticking your hand on a ball that extends all your hair straight into the air. Visit Poseidon's Adventure where the water experiences are thrilling-- but you may get a little wet from this exhibit. Ride cars powered by your own electricity using your energy. There's adventure on every corner and you need ample time to explore.

The Chiller

The famous Chiller hockey team practices in a stadium that they also rent out for parties and everyday ice-skating. The super cool rink is regulation quality and offers skaters a chance to brave the ice, no matter what the weather. Stop by and watch the hockey team practice or play a game or just lace up your own skates and give the rink a whirl.

Why Columbus Is Worth Visiting

Sure, Cleveland and Cincinnati are world-class cities known for greatness; but they don't hold a candle to the Capital city. Busses travel to this area with their charter bus runs and you can come along for the fun. Simply call them for a bus rental and pack up your friends and take them on a trip they will never forget. Make sure to visit the Gardens of the Gantz in Grove City and the Franklin Park Conservatory for amazing gardens in full bloom. Come to Central Ohio and see the historical significance and also the worthwhile adventures that await.

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