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  • First introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1995, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a leader in the mini bus category. The vehicle is sold in different size configurations with room for 12-16 passengers. Many of the safety and performance features included in this bus trickle down from consumer models designed by the company. This sets them apart from other makers of light commercial vehicles. The design of these buses is also ideal for constant use by passengers. From a sliding door built for easy access, to an option an extra-tall ceiling for additional headroom, the features come together for a great mini bus design.

    Modern Design
    The Sprinter is a handsome vehicle both inside and out. It was designed to look good, but also with functionality in mind. Large sliding doors come standard for easy access into and out of the vehicle. Optional tinted windows or curtains provide passengers with privacy. The seats are not only comfortable, but also designed for long-term use. To learn more about the amenities and features on your specific mini bus model, please contact a reservation specialist at 1-800-436-8719 today.

    Safety Features
    Many of the safety features you will find in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter were originally designed for their high-end commercial vehicles. You can rest assured your passengers will be kept safe with some of the best preventative safety technology in the automotive market.

    • Adaptive Electronic Stability (ESP)
    • Lane keeping assist
    • Blind spot assist
    • Collision prevention assist
    • Crosswind assist
    • Back-up camera

    Performance Features
    This vehicle performs well no matter what setting. If you're constantly making stops in the city or traveling longer distance in a rural area, the Sprinter will perform. In addition, a clean diesel engine with a low emissions rating is better for the environment than most vehicles in its class. This vehicle is called the "Sprinter" for a reason. It has enough power under the hood to take a bus full of passengers to their destination on time.

    Reasons to Rent a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    The Corporate Event: If you need transportation for your company to a convention or event consider a Sprinter. Perfect for going from your hotel to the event this bus comes with the necessary features. There's room for your small groups between 12 and 16 passengers without large luggage. We recommend renting this bus in metro areas where the smaller size allows you to beat traffic.

    The Theme Park: Taking a trip with friends to Six Flags or Universal Studios? Consider a mini bus the next time you book. These economic vehicles can pick you up and wait while you have fun. For larger groups of over 16 passengers, we recommend upgrading to a larger capacity Freightliner or Krystal bus. If you still want to travel in a group, without the responsibility of renting a large charter bus, this is a good option.

    About the Manufacturer
    Mercedes-Benz is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial vehicles worldwide. The brand is a division of the German company Daimler AG. The company was founded in 1926 and has a long history in the automobile industry. Their vehicles are engineered in Germany and manufactured at different plants across the world. Mercedes-Benz commercial division includes light commercial and heavy commercial equipment. Vehicles in this category include buses, trucks, and Sprinter vans.

    For more information on specific models and features visit www.mbvans.com.